from the Democrat-Herald

May 10, 1968

Roads in the Sumpter Valley area and the road to Granite are open to travel, Wallowa-Whitman Forest Service officials have been advised.

The Skyline Road is closed, as is the road from Anthony Lake to Granite.


from the Baker City Herald

May 10, 1993

Baker City bicycle enthusiasts may have noticed a new bike store opening recently at 1719 Main St. Actually, it’s not a new store, it’s just a former business changing its name and location.


from the Baker City Herald

May 9, 2008

The puny yellow perch has made a whale-sized mess at Phillips Reservoir.

During the 20 years or so since someone — as yet unidentified — illegally released perch into the reservoir about 17 miles southwest of Baker City, the diminutive, spiny-finned perch have largely replaced the rainbow trout that lured thousands of anglers to Phillips every year.


from the Baker City Herald

May 10, 2017

Healthcare legislation was the main topic during Congressman Greg Walden’s town hall this morning in the Baker High School gym.

It was Walden’s first town hall in his district since he and other Republicans approved a bill that would repeal Obamacare.

About 120 people attended the event.

Harry Seaward asked Walden why he voted for the House bill — the American Health Care Act (AHCA) — even though analysts say the bill, it if becomes law, would increase healthcare costs for older Americans.

“When I look around the room, this is your constituency, here, sir,” Seaward, said to cheers and applause from much of the crowd.