from the Democrat-Herald

July 13, 1968

A spot fire in timber on lower Dean Creek on the southwest side of Mason Dam reservoir was extinguished with a B-26 bomber loaded with fire retardant Thursday. The fire was reported by Mrs. Norman Hansen of Sumpter Valley..


from the Baker City Herald

July 13, 1993

A Powder River Correctional Facility inmate who walked away from a fire training camp near Austin Junction June 10 has been arrested in Springfield in connection with driving a stolen car.


from the Baker City Herald

July 14, 2008

The tournament was supposed to be a treat for baseball purists but Baker’s pitchers, spoilsports that they are, ruined the whole thing.

Batters had to swing wood bats during the three-day, five-team event this weekend at the Baker Sports Complex. The crack of a wood bat smacking a baseball is the sweetest of sounds to many fans.

The four teams that played the tournament host Team Rudi Diamondbacks swung quite often. But those teams’ battered produced a lot more whooshes than they did cracks.


from the Baker City Herald

July 14, 2017

Thanks to a five anonymous monetary donors and the donated time of a master brick mason, Baker City’s Central Park is getting a new feature.

At the south end of the park next to the Leo Adler Memorial Parkway and just north of Valley Avenue, a meditative labyrinth, 39 feet in diameter, is being constructed.

One of the donors contributed $25,000 for the project, which is estimated to cost about $38,000.

The cost of the labyrinth kit is $30,900, including a $3,000 delivery charge.

The kit was delivered Monday. It contains 41,000 pounds of concrete paving bricks in two colors.