from the Democrat-Herald

July 16, 1968

An undercover Baker City policeman made a double narcotics arrest this weekend that halted an illegal drug-selling business which had been operating in Baker.


from the Baker City Herald

July 16, 1993

The sale of the historic Sumpter Valley Dredge has finally been realized.

The Trust for Public Land, a private non-profit organization, purchased the dredge from Jim Johnson of New Jersey and conveyed it to the State Parks and Recreation Department today.


from the Baker City Herald

July 16, 2008

If you heat your home with natural gas your choices when temperatures plummet this autumn might boil down to three: spend, shiver, or slip on another sweater.

Oregon’s Public Utility Commission announced Tuesday that it expects all three of the state’s natural gas suppliers will boost their rates starting Nov. 1.


from the Baker City Herald

July 17, 2017

Timothy Bishop knows what everybody’s going to be doing when the moon slides across the face of the sun about 10:25 a.m. on the morning of Aug. 21 and briefly turns a summer morning to night.

What Bishop wonders is what all those people — perhaps 50,000 in all — will do for the rest of their visit to Baker County, a trip that for some will extend over three or more days.

Bishop, who runs Base Camp Baker and is the county’s contract tourism marketing director, has been working with a variety of local residents, business owners and organizations to give eclipse visitors reasons not to congregate in a few spots.

“We’re going to have a lot of folks here for the whole weekend before and wondering, ‘what do we do for two or three days while we’re waiting for the eclipse,’ ” Bishop said.

“We want to give them lots of options.”