from the Democrat-Herald

July 19, 1968

A total of 182 Baker County youngsters took swimming lessons through the Baker chapter of the American Red Cross at Radium Hot Springs near Haines this summer. The water safety programs began in April with special lifesaving courses offered to those wishing to qualify for water safety instructors


from the Baker City Herald

July 19, 1993

The 1993 Baker County Miners Jubilee was termed a success by organizers.

“Overall I felt the weekend was successful despite the weather,” said Larry Griffith, Baker County Chamber of Commerce executive director. Rain drenched the area Friday evening and again Saturday morning.


from the Baker City Herald

July 18, 2008

Denzil Robbins got his start in the farm machinery business by sweeping the floor and stocking shelves at Britton Equipment during the summer of 1970, between his sophomore and junior years at Baker High School.

Since that humble beginning 38 years ago, Robbins has worked his way up, learning to repair farm machinery at Britton Equipment and later at Baker Union Tractor Co.


from the Baker City Herald

July 19, 2017

The northwest stairway entrance to the Baker County Courthouse will get a facelift this fall.

Tuffstone — and the grout that holds it in place — used in the construction of the building and its exterior stairwells is degrading as a result of moisture and the use of ice-melting chemicals.

The courthouse was built in 1908.

“Ice melter, chemicals and just water itself off the stairwell — ice and whatnot — has kind of permeated this old tuff (stone) and it’s broken it apart,” said Daniel McQuisten, the county’s facilities maintenance foreman, as he pointed out areas on the east stairwell where the tuffstone and grout between them was crumbling.