from the Democrat-Herald

August 6, 1968

The price of milk in supermarkets and grocery stores supplied by Baker Dairies and Carnation Milk Co. increased by two cents a quart effective last Thursday.

Safeway, as of Monday evening, had not increased the price for milk.


from the Baker City Herald

August 6, 1993

Jerry Schubert has been leading the Oregon Trail Sesquicentennial Wagon Train for 576 miles and 41 days now, and he has one small request.

He wants to see some trees — not a lone, gnarled juniper, but some real trees.

“We haven’t seen any timber, none at all,” he said.


from the Baker City Herald

August 6, 2008

It looked like a scene right out of a horror movie.

The oxen, buffalo and sheep all have patches of hair and fur missing from their coats.

It’s eerily quiet, the museum perched atop a hill at the end of a winding road is closed to the public, and the dead, life-size animals stare at you with big, glossy eyes.


from the Baker City Herald

August 7, 2017

Fire crews have taken advantage of a favorable wind direction to begin corralling a blaze that spread rapidly Friday afternoon and forced the evacuation of Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort and several campgrounds in the area and closed the Elkhorn Drive Scenic Byway.

The Bear Butte fire, reported about 2 p.m. Friday, has burned about 383 acres, said Robin Vora, a spokesman at the fire camp set up Sunday at the Elkhorn Wildlife area near where the Elkhorn Drive Scenic Byway leaves Baker Valley and begins climbing the east slopes of the Elkhorn Mountains.

Fire officials initially estimated the size at 1,000 acres on Friday, but dense smoke made it difficult to gauge the size of the blaze.