from the Democrat-Herald

September 7, 1968

Oregon’s State Highway Department sign man out of the La Grande office placed the new speed zone limits along U.S. 30 Wednesday along its section running through Baker.


from the Baker City Herald

September 7, 1993

More than 8,600 people visited the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center between Saturday and Monday, 158 fewer than for the same three-day period a year ago.

The Labor Day weekend total of 8,678 visitors brought the weekly number to 13,199.


from the Baker City Herald

September 8, 2008

The investigation of an allegation that Baker City Manager Steve Brocato harassed a child who was roughhousing with his daughter during a track meet in May has ended with no charges being filed.


from the Baker City Herald

September 8, 2017

Students didn’t get as sweaty as usual during recess Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at Brooklyn Primary School.

But they weren’t as active either.

That’s because the children in kindergarten through third grade were kept inside for recess — and physical education classes for that matter — because wildfire smoke has resulted in poor air quality.

And it wasn’t all that bad, according to students in teacher Kylie Emory’s third-grade classroom during their first indoor recess Wednesday.

Johnee Hallett said that inside was better in her opinion “because I’m not so hot.”

Johnee and her fellow 8-year-olds agreed that the inside play was fun as they tried to suppress giggles while watching a “Try Not to Laugh” video that showed some silly antics of cats and kittens.