from the Democrat-Herald

Oct. 4, 1968

Approximately 15 persons heard the committee of Citizens for Civic Affairs discuss and then explain their proposed city charter last night in a meeting at the Community Center.

The meeting was held for interested citizens to explain the three-commissioner type charter that is proposed to take the place of the present manager-council type government in the city of Baker. The proposal is known as Proposition 51 and will be voted upon in a special ballot during the Nov. 5 General Election.


from the Baker City Herald

Oct. 5, 1993

Photo: Ready for Halloween — Joe Heck, 2109 Colorado St., is ready for Halloween. He and his wife have a pumpkin patch behind their house that yielded about 300 of the large, orange potential jack-o’-lanterns.


from the Baker City Herald

Oct. 6, 2008

Fred Warner Jr. felt so much better about Baker County’s Road Department budget this morning that he couldn’t wait for the sun to clear the horizon before he went down to talk with the crew.

The historic $700 billion financial bailout bill that President Bush signed into law on Friday included $3.3 billion to continue, for four years, the program that has supplied about half of the county’s road budget in the past several years.


from the Baker City Herald

Oct. 6, 2017

Jan Smith stayed calm for about 10 minutes, and then she realized what might have happened had the black bear that lumbered into her isolated home not been satisfied with making a mess of a bookcase.

“I just started shaking,” Smith said Thursday morning, several hours after she discovered the nature of her late-night intruder.

The books that the bear scattered about had been shelved just inside the front door of Smith’s home, which is in the forest near Sumpter off Sawmill Gulch Road.