from the Democrat-Herald

Nov. 2, 1968

Reports have been received by the D-H that last minute phone calls have been going out to Baker residents telling them if Sen. Wayne Morse is defeated by Robert Packwood, all of the appropriations and allocations recently passed as a result of the senior senator’s effort would be pulled.

“How stupid do they think the Oregon voters are,” said Gary Wilhelms, county co-chairman for Packwood. “This just confirms my belief that the Morse camp is running scared and will do anything to save the election for the senator.”


from the Baker City Herald

Nov. 3, 1993

Leo Adler, who used his wealth and position in the community to benefit others, died Nov. 2, 1993, at St. Elizabeth Hospital. He was 93.

Mr. Adler put Baker City on the map with his success as a magazine dealer and his generosity to various organizations in Baker County and throughout the state and the nation.

He had been in and out of St. Elizabeth Nursing Home and Health Care Center for the past five months, according to Henry Levinger, a longtime personal friend and Mr. Adler’s personal representative.


from the Baker City Herald

Nov. 3, 2008

Gordon Smith’s down-to-the wire re-election campaign featured a 30-minute stop at Bella Main Street Market in Baker City Friday morning.

Fifteen supporters welcomed the two-term senator to town while supporters of his Democratic opponent, Jeff Merkley, picketed Smith’s appearance outside the store.


from the Baker City Herald

Nov. 3, 2017

The Baker County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Wednesday to leave the Tri-County Cooperative Weed Management Area.

But two of the three commissioners left open the possibility that the decision wouldn’t be final.