from the Democrat-Herald

Nov. 8, 1968

Mrs. Gwinn (Lena) Rice, immaculately groomed Idaho Mother of 1968 addressed the Christian Women’s Club luncheon yesterday afternoon at the Hotel Baker.

Many ladies and one brave young man, Joe Thomas, were amused as Mrs. Rice related some of her experiences at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York where she and her husband attended the Mothers of America convention.

The young man, a Baker High School student, enthralled the ladies as he sang two spiritual selections.


from the Baker City Herald

Nov. 9, 1993

When 1993 is but a distant memory, the name Leo Adler will shine brightly throughout Baker County.

The self-made businessman, who died Nov. 2 at age 98, has left the Leo Adler Trust an estate worth $20 million.

About $12 million will go to the Leo Adler Foundation and be used to provide scholarships — in the form of grants and loans — to graduates of Baker, Pine-Eagle, Huntington, Burnt River and Powder Valley high schools.

The other $8 million will be used to create the Leo Adler Community Fund.


from the Baker City Herald

Nov. 10, 2008

Military service is a family tradition for the Forsea family, who run a cattle ranch near Richland.

Dan Forsea, 57, who was recently was elected president of the Baker County Livestock Association, didn’t wait long after graduating from high school in 1969 before he enlisted in the military and shipped out to Vietnam as a Seabee equipment operator.


from the Baker City Herald

Nov. 10, 2017

About 70 people gathered at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center Wednesday afternoon to discuss efforts to protect the sage grouse, a chicken-size bird that has been a candidate for federal protection for more than a decade.

Participants in the annual SageCon Summit included officials from local, state and federal agencies, conservation groups and landowners.