from the Democrat-Herald

January 25, 1969

Stockholders of the Baker Production Credit Association Friday afternoon were reminded that each year there are fewer farm representatives in the state legislature.

Walter Leth, Oregon’s director of agriculture, told the stockholders that there are only 10 legislators in the state legislature this term who can qualify as being called farm representatives.


from the Baker City Herald

January 25, 1994

A California man plans to open a three-screen, 330-seat movie theater by mid-July the building that houses Harold’s Used Cars.

James Hutchens, owner of Cinema Center Films in Fontana, Calif., said he bought the building at First Street and Auburn Avenue Monday.


from the Baker City Herald

January 26, 2009

The man who considers a camel carcass both food and lodging has at last ventured into Hells Canyon.

But then anybody who has watched Bear Grylls gobble a grub or gulp down his own urine probably figured he would someday subject himself to the rigors of the canyon named for the most unpleasant destination of all.

His first foray into Oregon, which was filmed last fall, is scheduled to debut at 10 o’clock tonight.


from the Baker City Herald

January 26, 2018

Baker City Police Chief Wyn Lohner said a coordinated effort by regional law enforcement officers helped to find the man whose online threat resulted in all area schools being placed in lock out Wednesday afternoon.

The code yellow lock out designation is designed to keep outside threats from entering the schools.

After a half-day investigation, the suspect was identified as Ian Michael Cooper, 21. He was located in Graham, Washington, east of Olympia, and interviewed Wednesday by Washington sheriff’s deputies.