from the Democrat-Herald

February 18, 1969

Margaret A. Sheehy has been named 1969 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow for St. Francis Academy High School.


from the Baker City Herald

February 18, 1994

“Nailbiter” is one of those overused sports cliches, but like most such terms, occasionally it tells the story better than any other word.

Thursday’s first-round contest between Powder Valley and Prairie City at the District 4 Class 1A girls basketball tournament was an example.

Emily Thompson and Wendy Haufle each made a free throw in the final 18 seconds of the second overtime to lead Powder Valley past the 10th-ranked Panthers 53-50 and into tonight’s semifinals.


from the Baker City Herald

February 18, 2009

A plan that could alleviate the concerns of parents who don’t want their eighth-graders moving to the high school next year, and those worried that their sixth-graders aren’t ready to mingle with middle schoolers, was presented to the Baker School Board Tuesday.


from the Baker City Herald

February 19, 2018

Winter, it turns out, was merely waiting.

In ambush.

This weekend it pounced.

A pair of cold fronts plunged south from Canada, causing temperatures to plummet across Baker County and making the term “wind chill factor” relevant again.

The coming week could be the coldest since Christmas, and potentially the coldest of the winter.

Which, to be fair, is no great achievement.

Unlike its frigid and snowbound predecessor, the current winter has been distinguished by a scarcity of winter’s typical trends.

January tied the record, set in 1953, for warmest average high temperature at 42.9 degrees.

After the seasonably chilly Christmas week, the high temperature was above average at the Baker City Airport for 44 consecutive days.