Jayson Jacoby
The Baker City Herald

An alert Durkee resident who noticed a car parked in the driveway of a home that was supposed to be empty, and then went to the house armed with a shotgun, led to the arrest of two Idaho residents on trespassing and other charges Monday night.

Olive Phillips, a commercial truck driver, noticed the car in the driveway when he exited Interstate 84 at Durkee, an unincorporated community about 23 miles southeast of Baker City.

The house belongs to a relative of Phillips’ wife, Lessie.

Cindy Fortin, who is the Phillipses’ neighbor, said Lessie called her and asked her to drive her to the home, which is just across the freeway, on Vandecar Road.

Fortin said they jotted down the car’s license number and also saw at least one person, a man, inside the home, which was dimly lit.

They returned to their homes, and Phillips called Baker County Dispatch.

Phillips also called her relative, who confirmed that nobody was supposed to be in the home.

Cindy Fortin then returned to the home with Olive Phillips, who had a shotgun.

Fortin said Phillips yelled for the people inside to come out of the home, after firing one shot into the air “to warn them.”

Fortin said a woman came out first.

She said a man then walked out of the house.

“He was real lippy” to Phillips when Phillips ordered the man to sit on the ground next to the woman.

Fortin’s husband, Mike, arrived soon after, also armed with a shotgun.

Eric Colton of the Baker County Sheriff’s Office then arrived.

Cindy Fortin said the man, later identified as Deylen Scott Loos, 33, of Meridian, “smarted off” to Colton but eventually emptied his pockets as Colton ordered him to do.

Both Loos and the woman, later identified as Pearl Naomi Adair, 38, of Boise, were arrested and taken to the Baker County Jail.

They were originally charged with burglary and theft, but District Attorney Matt Shirtcliff said two court rulings from 2018 require that prosecutors be able to prove that a person entered a building with the intent to commit a crime.

Loos and Adair are charged with first-degree trespassing, as well as theft and criminal mischief. They were released from the jail.

Fortin said Durkee is a “real tight-knit community.”

“Everybody here watches out for each other,” she said.