from the Democrat-Herald

April 26, 1969

As of Friday, according to Clyde Smith of the Game Commission in La Grande, the Columbia River, Snake River and all other tributaries were closed to sport and commercial fishing for spring chinook salmon to protect the run.

Officials of both Oregon and Washington said the closure midnight Sunday would last until there was indications enough fish would be available to warrant resuming the fishing.


from the Baker City Herald

April 26, 1994

Virginia Long chooses a child’s chair for the interview. She’s 58, she has graying hair and her picture should be in the dictionary next to the definition of elementary school teacher. But the tiny plastic chair looks right.


from the Baker City Herald

April 27, 2009

Steve Brocato can cite at least 11 reasons why the City Council should privatize planning services and award the contract to a company owned by the current planner, Don Change.

In fact, he does so in his report to councilors.

Among them: reduced planning application revenue because of the state of the economy, the opportunity to build the city’s reserves due to the reduced costs of privatization; the benefit of retaining Chance.


from the Baker City Herald

April 25, 2018

Citing a recent conversation with City Manager Fred Warner Jr., Baker City Police Chief Wyn Lohner announced Thursday afternoon that he will retire on May 11 after 12 years as chief.

Lohner said it was with mixed emotions he has decided to retire and transition out of law enforcement “for the time being.”

“This decision was made after a tumultuous year of evaluating my future options and trying to decide how long I wanted to stay in this career,” he wrote in a letter.

Lohner, 54, said he came to his decision after a Wednesday conversation with Warner in which Warner discussed his vision for the department.