from the Democrat-Herald

July 18, 1969

Baker County Cattlemen have blasted as “unfair to the beef industry” an article appearing in today’s Oregonian.

The article, “Housewives Beef Plenty About Prices,” appeared in the society section of today’s Eastern Oregon edition.


from the Baker City Herald

July 18, 1994

Stan Wellman and his Oregon Trail wagons and riders captured the sweepstakes award in Saturday’s Miners Jubilee parade.


from the Baker City Herald

July 17, 2009

Mercury limits and other emission standards proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency could force the closure of concrete plants across the United States, including the Ash Grove Co. plant in Durkee.

“Not one cement plant in the country can comply with all those emission limits. Then where would we get our cement in this country?” said Mike Hrizuk, Ash Grove’s vice president for manufacturing.


from the Baker City Herald

July 18, 2018

Virginia Lowry and Rocky Morris live their lives one stitch at a time.

Those stitches bind squares and those squares are sewn together to create beautiful fabric patterns of various detail, color and design.

The two women are quilters who’ve used their creative talents to produce hundreds of decorative coverings.

Lowry and Morris can’t answer what might seem like a simple question: “Just how many quilts have you made?”

Lowery’s reply says it all: “A lot.”

And while her handiwork shows up in various rooms around her Keating Valley log home, most has found its way to the homes of others.

“Quilters give most of their stuff away,” Morris said. “We’ve made hundreds (of quilts), but we don’t have many.” The women will be among members of the Baker City Quilt Club who’ll be displaying their fabric artistry on Friday and Saturday during Miners Jubilee.