from the Democrat-Herald

August 9, 1969

Bow and arrow hunting of the Elkhorn Mountain Range’s elk began today with about 500 archers, mainly from Oergon, tramping through ranch and wilderness in pursuit of the animals.


from the Baker City Herald

August 9, 1994

The U.S. Forest Service’s plans for Baker City’s watershed will probably be appealed unless the agency makes drastic changes in the final environmental impact statement (EIS).

The draft EIS released earlier this summer includes a preferred alternative hat both a local and a statewide environmental group say has too much logging and road-building.


from the Baker City Herald

August 10, 2009

Oregon Trail Electric Cooperative customers will pay up to $5 more on their monthly bills beginning Oct. 1 as a result of a 7.6 percent ncrease in the wholesale power rate the Bonneville Power Administration is charging the cooperative.


from the Baker City Herald

August 10, 2019

Baker City’s scorching summer has, well, melted the record book.

Thursday, with a high of 108 degrees, was the hottest day ever at the Baker City Airport, where records date to 1943.

The previous record was 106, set on Aug. 4, 1961.

That it was hot was hardly a surprise, of course.

Wednesday’s high of 103 also was a record-breaker, supplanting the 102-degree high on Aug. 8, 1972.

The difference between a daily record and the all-time record Thursday probably was a relatively gentle breeze from the southeast, said Jay Breidenbach, a meterologist at the National Weather Service office in Boise.

Winds blowing from that direction are “downslope” winds because the terrain, including Flagstaff Hill, is higher just to the southeast of the airport, Breidenbach said.