Best Friends of Baker

Carmen Ott of Best Friends of Baker hopes to find a foster home for Foxy, a Pomeranian abandoned by her owners recently at a local rest area.

Carmen Ott wants to find a loving home for every dog that comes her way, but sometimes that’s not the hardest part.

Just getting the dog can be the bigger challenge.

Ott, a volunteer with Best Friends of Baker, an animal rescue nonprofit, has just that problem now with a pair of dogs that have been seen for the past several days off Highway 30 near Haines.

One is a brindle color boxer type, and the other a black, long-haired border collie. Neither neighbors nor Best Friends volunteers has been able to entice the dogs, and Ott worries the animals won’t survive wintry weather.

She said the collie appears to be injured.

Ott said she has been setting out food in the area, hoping the dogs will find it.

The situation is different with Foxy, a female Pomeranian whose owners, who are truck drivers, abandoned the dog at a freeway rest area in Baker County on Oct. 28.

Another truck driver found Foxy and drove her to Baker City, where he handed the dog over to Oregon State Police Trooper Levi Macy.

Macy brought Foxy to Ott, who has been fostering the dog for the past two weeks and is hoping to find a permanent home for the dog, who is about 10 years old and in good health except for some arthritis in her hips.

Foxy is implanted with a microchip, and Ott said she used data from the chip to call the dog’s owners. She said they didn’t want the dog back.

Macy said he will pursue charges against the owners for animal abandonment. He needs to confirm whether Foxy was left at the rest area in Baker Valley or at Weatherby near Durkee.

Ott said her current efforts to find a home for Foxy, and the struggles to corral the two dogs near Haines, highlight Best Friends’ “desperate need for volunteers and members.”

More information is available by calling Ott at 541-519-4530.

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