Arson fire

An arson fire scorched a section of the building at Broadway and Resort streets Tuesday night.

A video camera captured images of two suspects in an arson fire outside a downtown business Tuesday evening that burned mattresses and box springs and produced enough heat to partially melt a metal enclosure for a cardboard recycling bin.

The fire started about 7:01 p.m. on the east side of the building that houses Appliances and More, at the corner of Main and Broadway streets, Fire Chief John Clark said.

The business temporarily stacks mattresses and box springs on the east side of the building, which faces Resort Street, Clark said.

A video camera mounted on the building captured images of what appears to be two females, probably teenagers, Clark said.

There is a very clear image of one of the suspect's faces, he said.

Ten firefighters from the Baker City Fire Department, and three from the Baker Rural Fire Protection District, responded to the fire.

They were on scene for about 45 minutes, Clark said.

Because the building's exterior is brick, the fire didn't cause major damage and flames did not get inside the structure, Clark said.

Although the business was closed, the condominiums upstairs were occupied at the time of the fire, Clark said.

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[thumbdown] If it was teenagers, the parents should be held responsible for the damage to the building. If this was my building I would press charges to the fullest to make an example out of them.

To the business, I am sorry that this happened to you. To the people who reside there, I am glad that no one was hurt.

To the parents of the teenagers, where were you and why didn't you know what your kids were doing?

To the girls - Lord knows what you were thinking and I hope that you learned your lesson.

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