Park bench

A new bench was installed Tuesday at Geiser-Pollman Park.

Lynette Perry smiles as she looks at Geiser-Pollman Park’s new addition placed in the cool shade of one of the park’s many trees on a bright Tuesday afternoon.

Facing the Powder River Pavilion, the stage for concerts sponsored by Baker City Events, is a brand new, 400-pound concrete bench.

Perry, who is the events coordinator and treasurer for Baker City Events, a nonprofit organization, had been looking for an affordable way to put benches in the park for summer concerts and other events.

“We felt if we could put the benches over the roots and off the grass so it didn’t hamper the mowing and upkeep of the park, we could provide more seating for people who are coming to events or just coming to enjoy the park,” Perry said.

The bench, besides giving people a place to sit, serves as an encouragement for others to follow Baker City Events’ lead and buy another bench.

The bench bears words noting that the organization provided it, and that others can also donate money to provide a bench that would have the names of the donors or anyone they choose. A similar fundraising campaign, selling commemorative bricks, helped build the Powder River Pavilion.

Benches, which are built by Bricks R Us of Florida, cost about $800, Perry said. The company also made the bricks that replaced damaged ones in the Pavilion.

The bench is a test run to see how well the material will hold up in Eastern Oregon’s weather.

Joyce Bornstedt, the technical administration supervisor for the city’s public works department, sent a crew to haul the bench to the park and install it Tuesday.

“I’m just so excited about it,” Perry said. “I just wish we’d had it early on in the summer to be here for the whole concert season. But there will be more events, other things that are going on, and hopefully people will enjoy them and I’d like to see one under every tree in the park.”

Baker City Events’ summer concert series, the Powder River Music Review, concluded its season Aug. 30.

Perry said she will be putting together brochures and advertisements for the benches. People can contact Baker City Events at baker

Because Baker City Events is a nonprofit, donations are tax-deductible, she said.

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