The Baker City Public Works Department plans to chip-seal sections of several streets starting Aug. 17 and continuing for four straight days that week, weather permitting.

In addition, the city will be installing flashing stop signs — ones with a series of flashing red lights around the sign’s border — at three intersections.

“We’ve ordered six new flashing signs,” said Michelle Owen, public works director. “It will probably take a week or so to get them in.”

The signs will be installed at these intersections:

• 17th and Campbell streets

• Second Street and Auburn Avenue

• Resort Street and Washington Avenue

The intersections have relatively high traffic volumes and a history of near-collisions, Owen said.

“At these close-call intersections, we’re trying to do something a little more noticeable,” she said.

The city put up barricades with signs at each of the intersections to let people know the new flashing signs would be installed.

Owen said the city has received one comment from a resident opposed to the flashing sign at 17th and Campbell, saying the lights could make it difficult for drivers to see deer at night.

The chip-sealing schedule:

Monday, Aug. 17

• G Street from 10th to Eighth, and from Fifth to College

• A Street from 11th to Ninth, Ninth to College (not including intersections at Seventh and Fifth streets), and College to Main (not including intersections at First and Second streets)

Tuesday, Aug. 18

• Washington Avenue from Main to Second

• Chestnut Street from Church to Baker, and from the south side of Baker to Madison

• Seventh Street from Broadway to Campbell

• F Street from Fifth to College

• H Street from the west side of Fifth Street to the east side of College

• C Street from 11th to 10th

Wednesday, Aug. 19

• Reservoir Road from Indiana to Grace

• D Street from west of 12th to 11th

• Eighth Street from Campbell to B, and from D to E

• Court Avenue from Clark to Ash

• F Street from Cedar to Birch

Thursday, Aug. 20

• East Street from west of Church to Campbell

• G Street from Cedar to Birch

• H Street from the west side of Grove to Cedar, and from Grove to the west side of Kirkway Drive

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