A Baker City man who pointed part of a plastic toy gun that appeared to be real at a driver traveling along Hughes Lane Tuesday afternoon remains in custody today on multiple charges.

Brian Anthony Heredia, 30, who police describe as a transient, was arraigned in Baker County Circuit Court Wednesday on one count each of recklessly endangering another person and menacing, Class A misdemeanors; and second-degree disorderly conduct, a Class B misdemeanor.

Shelly Demma of Halfway reported that she was driving along Hughes Lane at 12:52 p.m. Tuesday when she saw Heredia walking east on Hughes Lane pointing what appeared to be a silver gun at cars passing by him, according to court documents.

Demma turned onto Kirkway Drive and called 9-1-1 to report the incident. She told dispatch that Heredia was wearing a blue bandana over his face.

As she drove back toward Heredia to get a better description of him, she told police he pointed the gun at her vehicle, the vehicle in front of her and at the vehicle behind her.

Demma said she was frightened by the experience and swerved her car when Heredia pointed the gun at her as she drove by. She said she couldn’t get a good look at the gun because she was driving.

Officer Johnathan Parsons of the Baker City Police Department made contact with Heredia and discovered that what he had been pointing at passing vehicles was actually half of a plastic silver toy gun.

Police Chief Ray Duman said the recklessly endangering charge alleges that Heredia created a risk of injury to Demma when he pointed what appeared to be a firearm at her while she was driving, causing her to swerve.

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Is it policy for the Baker City Herald to post the victims name? I feel badly and afraid for her. If the felon (who looks like a scary gang member looking dude), didn't know who turned him in before he now knows her name and where she lives. Halfway is pretty small, it would be easy to find her. Im glad this wasn't my wife or daughter being victimized by this guy pointing a gun at her then the paper victimizing her again by posting her name and where she lives for this felon and his gang buddies to go after her. How unprofessional. Make a note to NEVER give your name when calling the police unless you wish for your name to be associated with the crime. How unfortunate and unprofessional. I see no need for the victims name to be posted and where she lives.



Scary stuff! They post the victims name? Makes me never want to report a crime in this county. This guy sounds and looks scary. I looked up him up...

Is it normal for Baker City Herald to print the victims name and where they live? Now the gang member knows who turned him in and where she lives. Pretty small town stupid.

Ill make note to never turn anything in or at least give my name, This poor girl. I hope she has protection...

Seems not only has she been terrorized with a gun pointed at her but the Baker City Herald uses her name to help the felon go after her. I hope this is not normal policy. Im glad its not my wife or daughters name in the paper for the felon to see.

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