A Baker City man has been charged in a grand jury indictment with six counts of second-degree robbery and one count each of third-degree assault and second- and third-degree theft.

Colvin William Cutshall III, 30, of 2160 Wabash St., was charged with the crimes Monday at the Baker County Jail where he has been held since Nov. 19 on other charges.

The indictment, issued on Jan. 30, presents three scenarios to describe how Cutshall robbed Caleb Day, 22, and Dillon Baldwin, 20, both of Baker City.

The first two counts of second-degree robbery allege that Cutshall and another person threatened the use of physical force against the two men to take property from them on July 22, 2019.

The crimes took place in the area of Cedar and H streets at about 1:30 a.m. on that date, Police Chief Ray Duman stated during the July investigation.

Two other counts of second-degree robbery allege that Cutshall threatened Day and Baldwin with physical force and represented “by word or conduct” that he was armed with a dangerous weapon when he attempted to take their property.

In the final two robbery charges, Cutshall is alleged to have been aided by another person in using force to overcome the boys’ resistance to Cutshall taking their property while claiming to be armed with a dangerous weapon.

The charges of third-degree assault, a Class C felony, and second-degree theft, a Class A misdemeanor, allege that Cutshall caused physical injury to Day when he took a wallet and cellphone valued at $100 or more from him.

The third-degree theft charge, a Class C misdemeanor, alleges that Cutshall took cash of less than $100 from Baldwin.

Second-degree robbery is a Class B felony which, upon conviction, carries a mandatory minimum prison term of 70 months.

Cutshall, who is represented by attorney Robert Raschio of Canyon City, is set to appear in court next on Feb. 28.

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