One of two men accused of entering a Baker City home on Aug. 26 and forcefully taking property from the residents who lived there was sentenced Friday to spend the next nine months in the Baker County Jail.

Aiden Porter Lang, 24, of Baker City pleaded guilty in Baker County Circuit Court to first-degree burglary, a Class A felony; coercion, a Class C felony; and menacing, a Class A misdemeanor.

One count of second-degree kidnapping and two counts of second-degree robbery, both Class B felonies, and one count of second-degree theft, a Class A misdemeanor, were dismissed in a plea agreement with the District Attorney’s Office, court documents state.

As part of the agreement, Lang will spend the next year in the Baker County Jail, with credit for time served since his Sept. 9, 2020, arrest. His release is set for that same date in 2021.

As part of the plea agreement, Judge Matt Shirtcliff ordered Lang to complete five year’s probation upon release from jail. In addition to complying with general probationary terms, Lang must meet special conditions, which include having no contact with his victims Veronica Taylor, Tamesha McCardy or David Cassaro.

He also must have no contact with his co-defendant, Cesar Lira, who has been held at the Baker County Jail since Sept. 23 on the same charges Lang was accused of.

If Lang’s probation is revoked during the five-year term, he will be sentenced to 6 years and 8 months in prison, according to the agreement.

Lang’s probation also could be revoked and the prison term imposed if he fails to testify at any hearing in other cases of parties involved in the incident, including at trial.

Lang also was ordered to pay restitution of $713 to Vernonica L. Taylor.

According to a secret indictment issued Sept. 8, Lang entered the home of Veronica Taylor and David Cassaro in the 2800 block of First Street on April 26. He threatened Taylor and placed her in fear of serious physical injury if she didn’t give him a backpack he was seeking or tell him where the backpack was.

The charge of theft, which was dismissed, accused Lang of taking a long board and loose change belonging to Cassaro and a cellphone belonging to Taylor, police reports stated.

And the kidnapping charge, which was dismissed, accused Lang of taking Tamesha McCardy from one place to another without her consent under threat of harm, police said.

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