Baker Middle School has announced its first quarter honor roll. The list published on Page 3A of Wednesday’s issue of the Baker City Herald was incomplete as the initial list posted by BMS inadvertently omitted some names. Those names are included below.

Eighth grade

(*4.0 GPA)

Gaige Birmingham*, Reeve Damschen*, Christopher Luna*, Malaki Myer*, Cole Richards*, Weston Downing*, Grant Gambleton*, Bryley Garvin*, Wade Hawkins*, Eleanor Lamb*, Ryann Paulsen*, Kincaid Rudi*, Rachel Shaw*, Izabella Thomas*, Evangeline Torres*, Alexandria Zickgraf*, Dashel Bloomer, Giacomo Rigueiro, Cole Hester, Tanner Lucas, Ernesto Lopez-Villalvazo, Hudson Spike, Russell Walden, Raylin Pfaff, Lillian Gately, Wyatt Widman, Makea Robb, Gracie Morris, Airyona Gonzalez, Axel Marvin, Hailey McMurdo, Emma Davis, Amberli Reed, Jaron Long, Meadoh Waldrop, Kayla Crook, Kayden Garvin, Paul Hobson, Kealah Johnson, Chaslyn Wheeler, Evangeline Rexroad, Weston Bryant, Mikayla Hatfield, Susan Shelley, Addison Supan, Montana Williams

Seventh grade

(*4.0 GPA)

Taylor Churchfield*, Joslyn Collins*, Ashlyn Dalton*, Mitchell Gross*, Sofia Hanson*, John Heriza*, Olivia Jacoby*, Sage Joseph*, Brooklyn Rayl*, Alexis Rupel*, Kaydence Thomas*, Jayden Whitford*, Alexander Wise*, Colton Clark, Elizabeth Standish, Emylia Myer, Ashtyn Carter, Canyon Madill, Daniel Brown, Jillian Poe, Eowyn Smith, Oakley Anderson, Palmer Chandler, Elias Long, Zane Morgan, Lilyanna Wilson, Anastacio Rodriguez, Tessa Feeley, Antonio Washington, Sydney Penning, Cyllus Sperl, Colton Birmingham, Graysen Bowling, Kathryn Gentry, Amber Conley, Lilly Collins, Maya Richardson, Jose Armenta, Ethan Fletcher, Hannah Lay, Annastasia Johnson, Sadie Stampflee, Callaghan Eckert, Jaxon Logsdon, Jessica Mercado, Tiyana Stevens, Dustin Cosper, Jose Flores

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