Suzan Jones, chair of the Baker County Republican Party, has been selected as an at-large delegate for the 2020 Republican National Convention.

Jones, who has a ranch in southern Baker County with her husband, Keith, will be one of 28 delegates representing Oregon at the convention.

Jones said that as an “at-large” delegate, she’s essentially a first string choice who will personally cast a vote for Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.

“I’m thrilled to be chosen as an at-large delegate,” Jones said.

Jones, who also served as delegate at the 2016 Republican National Convention, said that this year the selection process was a bit different.

Applicants applied directly to the Trump campaign, which then selected applicants to be delegates.

Jones said that due to COVID-19 and the shifting location of the convention, she’s had a hard time securing a flight to the event.

The entire 2020 Republican National Convention was scheduled for Charlotte, North Carolina, but due to COVID-19 and North Carolina’s governor prohibiting conventions in Charlotte, the convention was split into two parts.

The first part, from Aug. 21-24, will take place in Charlotte, and delegates will vote on rules for future conventions, adopt a platform for the party, and formally nominate Trump as the Republican presidential candidate.

The second part, from Aug. 24-27, will be a celebration in Jacksonville, Florida, where state restrictions do not prevent large group gatherings but might require the use of masks.

The Florida event will include Trump’s acceptance speech, other speeches and other activities.

Jones said the Jacksonville celebration will also include a flood of balloons.

“Believe me, they go up to your knees,” she said.

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