LA GRANDE — Baker students got the chance to show what they’ve learned over the year during the Future Business Leaders of America Regional Skills Conference Thursday at Eastern Oregon University.

They were among members of five middle school chapters and 15 high school chapters from 15 towns in Eastern Oregon that make up the Blue Mountain Region, Toni Zikmund, FBLA adviser, stated in an email to the Herald.

The Blue Mountain Region is the state’s largest geographically and has the largest membership in the state, she said.

Students were able to compete in two events. There are 57 possible high school events — 19 of which are speaking events — and 15 middle level events — seven of which are speaking events — at the regional level.

Events can be a multiple-choice test only, a prepared or impromptu speech, an interview, an impromptu role-play scenario, a combination of test and impromptu role-play scenario, or a project presentation, Zikmund said. Some events are individual and some can be a team of one to three people.

The top 10 award winners in each event qualify for the state conference, which is scheduled April 2-4 in Portland.

This is the first year that project events have been conducted at the regional level, Zikmund said. Allowing them at regionals this year gives students a chance to receive more feedback before state and a chance to compete better at the national level with a more refined project and presentation.

“I am super proud of how many students came in after school to work on these projects and get feedback from me,” she stated in the email. “It paid off, too! Many of them placed first in their events and received unusually high scores from the judges. I can’t wait to see what they can do at the state level.”

Zikmund expressed appreciation to the region’s “awesome team of advisers.”

“They understand the importance of getting kids to this event and they help run the event,” she said.

Baker Middle School:

Career Exploration

6. Emanual Rodriquez-Sanchez

Creative Money Making

Team — 1. Eva Anderson, Victoria Dix, Evangaline Torres

2. Ataya Devore, Tessa Feeley, Mary-Anne Joles

Creed Speaking

3. Hailey Long

Critical Thinking

Team — 5. Cheyanne McQuisten, Ryann Paulsen, Evan Rexroad

Elevator Speech

2. Becca Frazier

4. Cyllus Sperl

7. Ataya Devore

8. Mary-Anne Joles

Ethical Leadership

2. Becca Frazier

3. Emanual Rodriguez-Sanchez

5. Montana Williams

Intro to Computer Science & Coding

4. Addy Macy

7. Kodiak Mahan

9. Chris Hendrickson

Spread the Word

Team — 1. Victoria Dix, Ryann Paulsen, Evangaline Torres

2. Cheyann McQuisten, Evan Rexroad, Montana Williams

3. Eva Anderson, Tessa Feeley, Addy Macy

The Intern Interview

2. Hailey Long

4. Cyllus Sperl

Baker High School:


1. Sarah Plummer

9. Campbell Vanderwiele

Broadcast Journalism

Team — 1. Jadyn Berry, Caitlin Lien

2. Rebecca Daniels, Laura Illingsworth, Keegan Masterson

Business Communication

1. Taya Riley

9. Filippa Krarup

Business Law

1. Taya Riley

7. Isabella Nemec

Client Service

3. Lacy Gyllenberg

4. Makayla Mills

Computer Problem Solving

3. Dakota Rilee


Team — 3. Abigail Benson, Abriel Niehaus

Emerging Business Issues

Team — 3. Dylan Estabrooks, Maria Guadalupe Rodriguez Sanchez


Team — 1. Hunter Long, Phoebe Wise

Graphic Design

Team — 2. Hayden Paulsen, Payton Shirtcliff, Hailey Zikmund

3. Savannah Brown, Laura Illingsworth

4. Renee Blincoe, Kyle Logsdon

5. Taylor Dalton, Jozie Ramos, Campbell Vanderwiele

Health Care Administration

1. Jazmine Labonte

2. Katherine Villalobos

4. Jacob Jackson

8. Guadalupe Macias

10. Abriel Niehaus

Impromptu Speaking

3. Zoe Carlson-Morrow

Insurance & Risk Management

1. Cadence Penning

2. Jacob Jackson

3. Guadalupe Macias

Introduction to Business

10. Maria Guadalupe Rodriguez Sanchez

Introduction to Financial Math

1. Cadence Penning

6. Jose Arenas Castillo

Introduction to Public Speaking

3. Savannah Brown

4. Caitlin Lien

5. Abigail Benson

7. Penelope Simmons

Job Interview

4. Lacy Gyllenberg

6. Averi Elms


7. Taylor Nudd

10. McKenzie Hall


Team — 1. Jadyn Berry

Networking Concepts

1. Dakota Rilee

Organizational Leadership

3. Renee Blincoe

10. Dylan Estabrooks

Personal Finance

1. Hunter Long

2. Kyle Logsdon

4. Payton Shirtcliff

6. Averi Elms

Political Science

1. Keegan Masterson

2. Zoe Carlson-Morrow

8. Katherine Villalobos

Public Service Announcement Team

2. Rebecca Daniels

Public Speaking

1. Makayla Mills

2. Kerrie Kast

Securities & Investments

3. Jose Arenas Castillo

4. Hailey Zikmund

Social Media Campaign

Team — 1. Sarah Plummer, Phoebe Wise

Sports & Entertainment Management

3. Jazmine Labonte, Nickolas Mitchell, Jacquelyn Ortiz

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