Sheila Petty is working to bring beauty to Baker City with her new business, Blue Dahlia.

Petty offers homegrown flowers, which she began selling at the Baker City Farmers Market last Wednesday.


Sheila Petty also grows various flowers besides dahlias, like this purple eye lily.

She cannot sell from her home property and plans to have a mobile flower truck to travel to markets and venues to sell her flowers.

Petty will have a variety of flowers including lisianthus, dahlias, roses, lilies, daisies, carnations, sunflowers, and others in a range of colors.

Blue Dahlia will have more flowers next year and Petty plans to use succession planting, where she plants every two to three weeks to have a constant supply of blooms.

Petty said she will be working through the winter to build beds for her flowers. She has a greenhouse at her home at 1605 Seventh St. she will utilize for hanging baskets and other flowers.

“I’ve always loved gardening,” said Petty, 59. “It’s very therapeutic to me and I just love it. And to then own my own business obviously has been a dream of mine for a long, long time.”

She is not certified organic but she will be using organic and sustainable practices.

“Anything to bring the bees and butterflies, all of our pollinators in,” Petty said. “I’m starting as a small-scale flower farm in size but large in intensity production and eventually leasing or buying more acreage and expanding my business.”

Petty has been gardening for 40 years, enjoying the nurturing aspect and watching “it become a beautiful thing.”

“I like to be in my garden, it brings me peace and I like to bring that to others, just the beauty and the peace,” Petty said.

She completed the Master Gardener program through the Oregon State University Extension Service last year.

Petty said she has a community focus on her business and “a desire to create local partnerships.”

Petty said she can “visualize these partnerships tailored to specific businesses and their needs” — including providing fresh flowers and eventually edible flowers for restaurants.

She will sell to a floral business, floral shops, restaurants, and venues for weddings, parties, funerals and other events.

Her mission statement reads: “Blue Dahlia will be a leader in providing value-added floral designs and services to customers by creating a successful partnership with them. My pledge is to establish long term relationships with my customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust. These partnerships will be with individual patrons and established floral businesses alike.”

Petty moved to Baker City in 2007 from Portland to be closer to her father. She has been involved with community services, including MayDay for six years and as coordinator of the Baker City Community Garden for four years.

“I love Baker,” Petty said. “I just love the community and this is where I’m staying. My roots are here now.”

More about Blue Dahlia is available on the business’ Facebook page.

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