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Courtney Benson, of Sunfire Real Estate in Baker City, delivers new children’s books that the Baker County Community Literacy Coalition will give away to local students. Sunfire encouraged shoppers to buy books at Betty’s Books in Baker City, which offered a 15% discount.

Holiday shopping helped boost the book supply for the Baker County Community Literacy Coalition, which gives free books to local students several times a year.

The idea started with Sunfire Real Estate, which encouraged shoppers to buy books for the fundraiser at Betty’s Books, which in turn provided a 15% discount.

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On Jan. 8, Courtney Benson from Sunfire delivered paperbacks to Jessica Dougherty, who coordinates the BCCLC program.

“They are awesome books,” Dougherty said.

The local donations were boosted by two cash contributions: $100 from Baker Tower, which was matched by Sunfire.

The Baker County Community Literacy Coalition (BCCLC) and REAL (Read Everyday And Learn) programs provide free books to students, as well as volunteers who read with children (which is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic).

BCCLC is a nonprofit and relies on grants and donations. The program serves more than 1,500 children in pre-K through sixth grade across 15 schools, social service, and health agencies.

Anyone who would like to make a donation can mail it to the Literacy Program, C/O the Baker Library, 2400 Resort St., Baker City, OR 97814. Or contact Dougherty at momreading4fun@gmail. com or 1-808-640-5900.

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