Baboon Creek Outfitters

Brothers Shane and Mark Alderson offer a variety of camping and other outdoor equipment at their new store, Baboon Creek Outfitters.

Baker City brothers Shane and Mark Alderson had too much fishing and hunting gear to fit in their two garages.

Their solution? Start a business.

The Aldersons opened Baboon Creek Outfitters on Friday, July 16, just in time for Miners Jubilee weekend.

“We originally were going to have this little online shop, just kind of as a hobby,” Shane said. “We thought, ‘Well, we’re gonna have to rent a building cause we don’t even have room to work on the stuff that we have.’ ”

Between Shane’s recreation background as a guide in Utah and Mark’s vast collection of Coleman equipment, the two started looking for a space to open their shop right before the COVID-19 restrictions started.

Once restrictions began to ease this spring, the brothers picked the search back up and decided on the space that formerly housed Chill’z frozen yogurt, at 1719 Main St.

“We weren’t 100% ready, but we went ahead and dropped the hammer on it,” Shane said.

Opening over Miners Jubilee wasn’t a coincidence, as the Aldersons knew they would have to go big with COVID-19 cutting this year’s spring and summer seasons short. They are still waiting on a few products due to international shipping delays, but there will be fishing and camping equipment to help customers get ready for the outdoors.

Baboon Creek Outfitters will be a year-round shop, with new shipments coming in at the start of each season. The Aldersons will sell four-season tents, cold weather backpacks, equipment for each hunting season and eventually outdoor-style clothing.

In the fall, Shane said he plans to schedule small, informational classes on various topics related to the outdoors. He also wants to communicate with the U.S. Forest Service and put up maps that provide information about closures.

“The more accurate information our guests and customers get, the better,” Shane said.

The business’ name was inspired by Baboon Creek, a stream on the west side of the Elkhorn Mountains.

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