The Baker County Sheriff’s Office continued on Monday, Oct. 4 to investigate a Sept. 30 burglary on Atwood Road east of Interstate 84.

Baker County Sheriff Travis Ash said on Monday morning that the focus was identifying the suspect who drove a Ford F150 pickup truck to Jim Rex’s home at 42140 Atwood Road and then apparently fled on foot when Rex arrived home on the afternoon of Sept. 30.

Ash said on Friday, Oct. 1 that police had identified a potential suspect.

Three people from the sheriff’s office are working on the case, Ash said.

Ash said the license plates on the truck aren’t for a Ford pickup.

He said investigators are using the truck’s vehicle identification number to determine its registered owner.

No trucks of that make have been reported stolen in Baker County recently, Ash said.

Rex arrived at his home a little after 4 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 30. He noticed the pickup, which he didn’t recognize, parked in his driveway, and he noticed both inside and outside his home that items had been moved or were missing.

One of the items missing inside the house was a gun.

After Rex called police to report that the gun was missing, and that he had seen a person, who he believed was a man, on foot about 200 to 300 yards from his home, police called in the Northeast Oregon Regional SWAT team, which has members from the Baker County Sheriff’s Office, Baker City Police Department, Union County Sheriff’s Office and La Grande Police Department.

The SWAT team searched the area Thursday afternoon and evening but didn’t find a suspect.

Ash said a Kubota all-terrain vehicle was reported stolen from a property in that area on Friday morning, Oct. 1. A resident in Baker City found the ATV later, abandoned in an alley.

Ash said it’s not clear whether the theft of the ATV is related to the burglary at Rex’s home, but the sheriff’s office is investigating both cases simultaneously.

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