Biographical Information

42 years of age

MBA-Master of Business Administration, Fitchburg State University

BAA-Business Management, Mayville State University.

*Certified Management Account-Completed in 2021

Was born and raised in Eastern Oregon and spent the last 5 years in Baker City. My wife and I have 4 children currently enrolled in the Baker School District.

15 years in the Financial Service Industry, serving currently as Chief Financial Officer at New Directions Northwest.

Previous experience as an elected official or in a public service capacity.

I have served in Board positions for the Boys and Girls Club and YMCA organizations. Experience in working with Community Action Agency as a Housing Developer in a public service capacity.

How do you think the current school board, and the Baker 5J District, has done in dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Given the difficult and ever changing world of the COVID-19 pandemic I think the overall response from the current school is satisfactory and has improved over time. It is not easy to predict or plan for an environment we now live in that has changes by the day and hour. I believe moving forward transparency is vital in how we work together with our community and up to date information is what is expected from the Board and Baker 5J District.

I have seen over the last year creative approaches to build safe environments for our kids and staff and protocols are set in place to ensure this happens. I am very pleased right now our kids are back in school, involved in activities, and our faculty/staff members are being taken care of.

Discuss two issues that you believe will be vital for the school board to address over the next two to three years.

One of the major issues the school board will need to keep on the table is getting funds to meet the demands of improving our schools. We need to provide safe and efficient buildings and there are many improvements that need to be made. As a bond measure is up for vote the board has to be prepared to move forward regardless of whether it passes or not. These improvements need to be made and continual changes over the next few years. The community needs to know and see full transparency of how the board will make this happen.

Another issue or “goal” of the school board over the next few years I would like to see happen is community and parental engagement. Our community needs to feel trust and collaboration with the School Board and District. Transparency is crucial for this. Our community should be highly engaged in helping provide the best education possible for our children. The board needs to have a cooperative approach. After spending many hours talking and visiting with other parents, staff, and or faculty there is opportunity for this.

Discuss ways you think the school district could improve, and how you would approach trying to make those improvements?

As stated previously, my goals are to provide a more collaborative approach on how we work together with our community. A more improved communication system so that information can be shared more efficiently and effectively. We need to make sure everyone is on the same page and communication is clear. The school district must include the community early and willing to make a more collaborative process. My goal would be also to look at how we can keep smaller class sizes and how financially can we plan for this.

With my 15 years of financial experience in the public and private sector and almost 5 years as a CFO I hope to bring a new perspective on providing a more efficient budget and partnership in become more fiscally responsible. Providing more transparency among the District and Community with our financial goals, expenses, and areas of improvement. I want to bring leadership to the Board and a team effort in holding the Administration accountable and responsible in keep the mission and vision clear to those in our community.

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