The Baker City Council will consider a fee resolution when it meets Tuesday evening that includes modest increases in water and sewer rates.

The 1.9% increases are based on the federal Consumer Price Index increase from February 2020 to February 2021.

Councilors will meet at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 1655 First St. Council chambers will be open for limited attendance by the public.

Councilors review all city fees each year, usually in the spring.

If councilors approve the proposed resolution Tuesday, the changes would take effect July 1.


• The base monthly charge for residential customers increases from $45.15 to $46. This amount includes three units of water; one unit is about 750 gallons.

• The cost for additional units beyond the first three increases from 95 cents to 97 cents.


• Residential monthly rate increases from $28.52 to $29.06.

• Commercial monthly rate, which is based on water usage rather than a flat rate, increases from $2.66 per unit (about 750 gallons of water used) to $2.71.

The resolution also includes 1.9% increases for a variety of fees at Mount Hope Cemetery. The cost for a gravesite would increase from $427 to $435.

The city is not proposing to increase fees for building inspections or for ambulance service, two of the largest sources of fee revenue for the city.

In other business Tuesday, the City Council will:

• Consider approving a list of goals, based on the list councilors created during a work session on Feb. 16.

• Decide whether to award a bid for repaving and replacing sidewalks and curbs on a three-block section of Washington Avenue.

The project runs from the Powder River east to Washington’s intersection with Clark Street.

The city received two bids, from Hampton Paving Inc. of La Grande and Nelson Construction Corp. of Washington.

Hampton Paving submitted the low bid of $587,806, which is below the city’s estimate.

Nelson Construction bid $656,902.15. The work will start after July 1 and is slated to be finished by the end of August.

During the work sections of Washington Avenue will be fully or partially closed at times.

• Consider an ordinance adding two members to the city’s golf board, bringing membership from five to seven.

The board had seven members until 2004.

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