Night Out

Residents gathered at Geiser-Pollman Park on Tuesday evening, Aug. 3, for Community Night Out.

2020 was a difficult year for everyone and resulted in many local events being canceled.

Happily, this year the Community Night Out was able to take place and had a larger turnout than most had expected Tuesday evening, Aug. 3 in Geiser-Pollman Park.

With live music by Barefoot and Bonafide at the Powder River Pavilion, and many booths from local organizations, people were able to mingle for a fun evening, although heavy rain interrupted the latter part of the event.

“It’s great to have Community Night Out,” said Ginger Savage, executive director at Crossroads Carnegie Art Center. “It looks like it’s been a pretty good crowd, looks like everybody’s having a good time. It’s not as big as normal years but it looks like lots of fun.”

Among the booth vendors, JoLynn Moore and Marilyn Spicer with the Baker City Elks Lodge Trailer, which encourages youth to stay away from drugs, were excited to see everyone out and having fun.

“This is my first time with community night here in Baker and I just love it,” Moore said.

“It’s about my third time, I brought the drug trailer here when we had this before and I really missed it,” Spicer said. “It was like the whole community just had a day-long depression, you know? It’s really exciting to see everyone. A much better turn out than I expected.”

Casey Neske with the Baker City Fire Department experienced her first Community Night Out.

“It’s actually kind of interesting to walk around, see all the different people out and see what was going on,” Neske said. “Very informational and a good turnout. Especially the kids, there’s a lot of kids. They seem to be enjoying it too.”

Dailon Sherman, sports and activities director for the Baker County YMCA, said she enjoyed the event.

“I think it’s great,” Sherman said. “I think it’s really good for the community to get out and meet people and socialize and see what all we’ve got going on and what all we offer. It’s kind of crazy but the kids are having fun and that’s what it’s all about.”

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