Nugget CBD store

A customer at La Grande’s Nugget CBD store, which opened in late December, talks with owner Jenny Long, left, of Baker City, and store manager Angela Lees.

Jenny and Justin Long opened the Nugget marijuana dispensary in Sumpter in January 2017.

Three years later that name — Nugget — along with the image of a gold-panning miner adorns six other businesses the Baker City couple operate or have licensed in Oregon and Idaho.

All six of those stores, including the newest one in La Grande, which opened in late December, sell products containing CBD — cannibidiol — but not marijuana.

These CBD products, which include lotions, edibles and vaping liquids, are derived from industrial hemp, which is related to marijuana but has less than 0.3% THC, the substance that produces the high associated with marijuana.

CBD products can be sold in places — including Baker City and La Grande — where marijuana businesses are banned.

Other Nugget CBD shops are open in Ontario and in four Idaho cities — Meridian, Boise, Nampa and Idaho Falls.

Products in the Idaho stores must contain 0% THC.

In Oregon the threshold is 0.3% THC.

“If that percent is exceeded, it is considered marijuana which is regulated by OLCC in Oregon,” Jenny Long said. “In Idaho, any trace of THC is considered marijuana and is treated as a controlled substance.”

CBD products are legal nationwide.

“CBD is treated more as a vitamin supplement,” Long said.

Nugget CBD enforces an age limit: Customers must be 21 or older to purchase smokeable products, and 18 or older to purchase other products.

“We’ve chosen to limit who we sell to for liability,” Long said.

Expansion history

The Longs’ first expansion came about when Ontario legalized marijuana dispensaries. But the couple’s plan to open a dispensary in that city — it would have been their second, joining their original dispensary in Sumpter — didn’t work out.

Ontario offered licenses for dispensaries on a first-come, first-served basis.

“People camped out in front of the planning department,” Long said.

Ontario also requires at least 1,000 feet between dispensaries. The location the Longs considered wouldn’t have met that standard.

“That’s when we looked at selling CBD products,” Long said.

Initially, in January 2019, the couple started selling CBD items in their Sumpter cafe, which is in a separate part of the building that houses their marijuana dispensary.

The Longs’ Ontario CBD store opened in March 2019.

“It’s been crazy,” Jenny Long said of opening multiple stores in less than a year.

Their first spot in Boise was a kiosk at the mall.

“We weren’t sure how we’d be received in Idaho,” she said. “We outgrew the kiosk immediately.”

The Longs found a location in Meridian, then opened another on Broadway Avenue in Boise.

“That one used to be a jewelry store so it’s a gorgeous building,” Jenny Long said.

The Longs run the stores in Sumpter, Ontario, Meridian and Boise. The three newest stores — in La Grande, Nampa and Idaho Falls — are licensed locations.

The expansion to trademark Nugget CBD and the logo came when the Longs were approached by a man from Idaho Falls about opening a store there.

“When we opened at the mall we got media attention that went far and wide,” Jenny Long said.

The licensed locations all carry the Nugget CBD logo along with the city name unique to each location. Although she isn’t involved in daily operations at those shops, the Longs still have a connection to each store.

“We supply the product and assistance,” she said.

Each store employs about five people. The inventory is the same at all Nugget locations. Information about products, locations and hours can be found on the website

Each store also has its own Facebook page.

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Dan Collins

I salute their progress.

I worked on the very first legalization attempt in Salem back in the mid 80's. CBD is a foot in the door of course.

What everybody "really" wants is a dispensary option in Baker City. The drive to Sumpter this time of year is rather risky business without a 4x4. But it's going to take you the voter to make it happen. Do it!

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