West Nile virus

Pam Hall-Brisk of Halfway is recovering at a Boise rehabilitation center from the severe symptoms, including encephalitis, she suffered after being infected with the West Nile virus through a mosquito bite.

A 73-year-old Halfway woman spent five days in intensive care at a Boise hospital after being infected by West Nile virus from a mosquito bite that probably happened while she was working on her farm this summer.

Pam Hall-Brisk is still recovering at the Saint Alphonsus Rehabilitation Center in Boise, said her daugher, Anna Brisk of Halfway.

Hall-Brisk is scheduled to be released on Oct. 11, but her full recovery is likely to take about a year.

She suffered severe complications from the virus, including encephalitis, a swelling of the brain that in Hall-Brisk’s case caused confusion, intense nerve pain and temporary paralysis of her left leg.

Hall-Brisk is one of two Baker County residents who contracted West Nile virus this year, according to the Baker County Health Department.

Department officials declined to name either of the people due to privacy laws.

Anna Brisk said the second person, a man younger than her mother, also lives in the Halfway area.

His symptoms were not as severe, but he was hospitalized, Anna Brisk said.

Read about the month-long ordeal the Brisk family has gone through, since Pam Hall-Brisk was first taken to the emergency room at Saint Alphonsus Medical Center in Baker City on Sept. 5, in Friday’s issue of the Baker City Herald.

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