HAINES — Veterinarian Josh Anderson has turned a Haines building into a multi-business development where customers can attend to their health and to their hair.

Anderson had been renting space at 916A Front St., for about three years when he decided to buy the structure.

His tenants are Thornton Direct Primary Care, Dr. Willard Bertrand chiropractic office, and Heels and Spurs Salon.

Anderson, 44, said he had been working with cattle and horses out of his truck for about 15 years.

“I started this practice of being a solo mobile large animal veterinarian ten years ago, 2010, and did it out of my house for a long time,” Anderson said.

As his practice grew, he needed a bigger office and began renting the Front Street building.

“It’s a good location and a good spot,” Anderson said. “I like the building and the town.”

He travels around Baker and Union counties in his truck stocked with everything he needs to care for farm and ranch animals — heaters, drugs and medications.

“You kind of have everything you need to work out of just right here,” Anderson said.

He grew up in Hazleton, Idaho, and attended the University of Idaho where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

Anderson then attended Washington State University for veterinary school.

He began as a solo vet with a mixed practice, servicing large and small animals. Today, he mainly just does cattle and horses and can make between five and six stops in a day.

“It’s a seasonal job for me,” Anderson said.

In the autumn, Anderson helps to wean calves to help them have a successful and healthy weaning period. He consults on and helps with vaccinations and pregnancy testing for heifers.

The winter is slower for him until around the middle of January when ranchers start calving and he is called out to help with pulling calves.

Bull testing begins in February and March and he is kept busy through May. Summer is a slower time for him until July or August when he begins fall work again.

Anderson said the horse side of his job can be busy any time. He has worked with horse lameness issues and breeding.

He met his wife, Kari Anderson, 40, while in college, and they moved to Haines to be near her family.

“It’s a family operation, I couldn’t have done it without my wife,” Anderson said.

He said he owns the Front Street building beginning with his shop and extending to the Post Office. He divided the middle area into office spaces occupied by the Thornton and Bertrand medical offices.

Tory Thornton, 39, is a direct primary healthcare provider who has been in medicine for 20 years and opened his Primary Health office in Haines on Sept. 6.

Thornton worked as a nurse at St. Luke’s Hospital in downtown Boise and also worked at Idaho Nephrology Associates with dialysis before going into family practice.

According to his wife, Elizabeth Thornton, 36, the couple had a goal to open their own clinic and recreate the relationship between doctors and patients to have a better connection with their family doctors.

Tory Thornton said the primary practice eliminates the middle man, creating a direct primary care model.

“We don’t bill any insurance,” Thornton said.

Patients pay a $50 monthly membership fee that covers all visits. He is able to refer people to specialists that will bill insurance.

“Everything is up-front, you won’t get surprised with any bills or anything like that,” Thornton said.

Bertrand, 64, is a chiropractic physician in general practice. He attended the Texas Chiropractic College and is licensed by Oregon to provide healthcare including home births, minor surgery, proctology, pediatric care, elderly care and other services.

“My job is to help people realize how cool it is that they’re here,” Bertrand said. “And then some people suffer with different maladies or situations and my job is to help them not to have needless and pointless suffering.”

Bertrand offers an initial three-minute “Health Hotline” call for free as well as a video consultation that is billable to most insurance carriers of $75.

Bertrand moved to Union in 1981 where he worked as the town doctor for over a decade, working in the emergency room, birthing center, and as a chiropractor.

According to his website, he has offered health services in Eastern Oregon for over 35 years and established clinics in Elgin, Richland, Baker City and La Grande.

Heels and Spurs Salon is a different part of the building.

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