Horse at Meadowbrook

Majestic Grove, right, queen of the Baker County Fair and Panhandle Rodeo court, accompanied by her princess, Margie Rich, and Majestic’s horse, Tuff, visited Meadowbrook Place in Baker City on Wednesday.

Residents at Meadowbrook Place Assisted Living in Baker City had a rather large guest visit them two days before Christmas.

Tuff, a 10-year-old horse, peered into the windows and brought some Christmas cheer wearing a necklace of garland and Christmas lights.

Tuff’s owner, Majestic Grove, is the 2021 Baker County Fair and Panhandle Rodeo queen. She guided Tuff around the exterior of the assisted living facility, allowing residents to wave at their guests.

Grove and Princess Margie Rich were invited to Meadowbrook after a caretaker saw that they had done a similar event for residents at Settler’s Park in August.

Grove, 17, had reached out to Settler’s Park to do something positive for the residents during the pandemic.

“I’m super excited,” Grove said on Wednesday at Meadowbrook. “Settler’s Park was so much fun, I loved getting to see how excited all the residents got to see the horses and hearing about before they were living where they do how horses were a part of their lives.”

Grove had been the Hells Canyon Junior Rodeo Queen when she visited Settler’s Park with a different court, all of whom rode their horses to show the residents.

“We unfortunately don’t get to ride today, we’re just going to lead him up, but I think it’ll be a lot of fun,” Grove said when she arrived at Meadowbrook.

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