Huntington voters have recalled Mayor Richard Cummings, based on unofficial results from the Baker County Clerk’s Office.

In Tuesday’s election a petition to recall Cummings passed by a margin of 93 votes to 71 votes, according to the unofficial results.

The Clerk’s Office has 20 days to certify the results.

Christina Wiley of Huntington filed the petition to recall Cummings. In her petition, dated July 29, Wiley contends that Cummings has “harassed, intimidated, threatened and assaulted either me or my husband, Michael Wiley on six different occasions ranging from February 2019 to present (July 29, 2019).”

Christina Wiley said several incidents were related to the clean up following the May 23, 2019, arson fire that destroyed the historic building, which the Wileys owned, housing Howell’s Cafe and the Streamliner Lounge.

In a written statement that was included with the recall ballot, Cummings wrote that “I have documents in my office that disputes the claims of my accuser & those that I don’t have documents for, I will volunteer, along with accuser, to take a lie detector test.”

Christina Wiley said this morning that she’s “so relieved” that voters recalled Cummings.

“It’s been awful,” Wiley said. “I’m not into confrontations. I don’t like it.”

Cummings could not be reached for comment this morning.

In his statement printed on the recall ballot, Cummings addressed an incident that Wiley mentioned regarding a photograph allegedly showing a vehicle parked on a sidewalk in Huntington.

Wiley said that after her husband posted a response to a Facebook post that included the photograph, Cummings arrived at their home within 10 minutes and threatened Michael Wiley.

In his statement, Cummings wrote that “Having been called the sidewalk cop & wasting city resources, when the money could be better spent on other projects. Ladies & Gentlemen, it did not cost the city any money. The Mayor does not receive any pay & you the people, are cleaning up the town. Great job folks!”

Wiley also claimed in the recall petition that Cummings had put up fencing around the couple’s property to prevent them from working there.

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