New Directions Northwest

New Directions Northwest’s new headquarters, at 13th and K streets in Baker City, should be finished by mid-July.

After starting construction last summer, New Directions Northwest is almost ready to open its new outpatient facility, across from the Powder River Correctional Facility at 13th and K streets south of Saint Alphonsus Medical Center.

New Directions Northwest is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people in Baker County with drug addiction, mental health disabilities and a variety of other issues.

Currently, New Directions Northwest has three facilities spread out around town, but the new outpatient facility, on a 3.75-acre property, will bring all of those services, as well as administration, into one building.

The new building will provide services such as mental health care treatment, substance abuse treatment, developmental disability treatment, medication management, psychiatric services and programs designed around prevention.

Marji Lind, the clinical director for the treatment center, said that construction on the building will likely be complete in mid-July, and an open house is planned for August.

Lind said New Directions officials are excited to be able to finally offer all of their services in one conveniently located facility, instead of making patients run around town.

She didn’t have a total cost for the new office.

New Directions Northwest plans to move out of all its existing facilities.

Andi Walsh, public relations manager for New Directions Northwest, said that the center is also running a “You Make a Difference” campaign, where citizens of Baker County can make donations and have a tree or shrub dedicated to someone within the community who they want to recognize for making a difference.

Walsh said the campaign was launched in spring right as COVID-19 hit, and because of that New Directions Northwest has been hesitant to ask people for donations.

However, she also said that if citizens want to make a donation they can call the main office at 541-524-9070, and that New Directions would appreciate any donations during this difficult time.

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