A day-long effort to track down an alleged kidnapper ended with the 11-year-old victim recanting his story that he had been abducted from his yard early Thursday morning.

The investigation began after the boy reported that he had been grabbed from the yard of his home in the 900 block of Elm Street when he stepped outside about 2 a.m. Thursday. In his original report, the boy said he was carried off by his abductor but was able to get free and returned home safe. A bicycle, which was later recovered, also was reportedly taken from the yard by a second man.

As the investigation got underway, Police Chief Ray Duman stated that he did not believe the incident was cause for community alarm.

Lt. Ty Duby and detective Shannon Regan spent the day canvassing the area, viewing video footage from the nearby Elm Street Laundry and talking with the boy’s father several times.

Late Thursday afternoon, the child’s father called police to report that his son had admitted that he had not been abducted. Instead, the boy said he had gone for a ride on the bicycle about 2 a.m., saw a man walking in the area and became spooked. The boy ditched the bike and ran home.

“Nobody touched him or attempted to grab him,” Duman said. “It turned out to be nothing.”

Duman said Friday morning that the department was satisfied with the effort expended in getting to the truth of the matter. Through the investigation, officers learned that the boy has had some recent issues. They will work to help the family obtain assistance.

“Sometimes it’s almost as good disproving a crime has occurred as it is proving a crime occurred,” Duman said.

In conferring with the District Attorney’s Office, the decision was made not to pursue charges against the boy.

“Why charge somebody criminally if you can get them help?” Duman said.

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