A Haines woman was arrested Monday afternoon, June 7, after police deployed spike strips to stop her car during a pursuit on Highway 30 after she allegedly stole items from the Haines Sell-Rite store and pushed a cashier there.

Kimberly Ann Kirby, 23, is in the Baker County Jail on multiple charges, including third-degree robbery, reckless driving and attempting to elude.

The incident started about 4:31 p.m. when the Baker County Dispatch center received a report of a theft at the Haines Sell-Rite store. A woman allegedly took items without paying, and pushed the cashier. Store employees told police that the woman had driven away, and they described the gray car.

While deputies were driving toward Haines on Highway 30, they saw the suspect’s vehicle, a 2013 Dodge Dart, driving south, toward Baker City, near Milepost 45 at Chandler Corner, about midway between the two towns.

Deputies turned around and tried to stop the vehicle, but the driver pulled over a few times, each time driving away again before coming to a complete stop, said Ashley McClay, public information officer for the Baker County Sheriff’s Office.

Three Sheriff’s Office cars were involved in the pursuit, McClay said. Speeds were 55 to 60 mph.

Baker City Police Detective Chris Sells deployed spike strips near Chico Lane, near the city limits. The strips deflated two of the car’s tires, but Kirby continued driving south, pulling into a private driveway on 10th Street south of Hughes Lane.

Kirby refused to get out of the vehicle and was physically removed by police, according to a press release from the Baker County Sheriff’s Office.

According to a report from Deputy Gabe Maldonado, Kirby entered the Sell-Rite store twice. The first time, Kirby took several food and pet food items, with a total value of less than $100, and pushed the cashier twice.

Kirby then left the store but returned a few moments later, again pushing the cashier while trying to take cigarettes, according to Maldonado’s report.

He wrote that Kirby used her turn signal at a wide spot in the highway near Milepost 46, about four miles north of Baker City, but then continued driving south on Highway 30.

Kirby signaled and slowed again near Wingville Road, but then pulled back onto the highway.

After driving about 100 feet along a private driveway on 10th Street, Kirby refused to leave the vehicle when police, with guns drawn, ordered her to get out, according to Maldonado’s report.

She was “subsequently physically pulled out of the vehicle as she held onto the steering wheel, then flailed her arms and legs to keep from being apprehended,” Maldonado wrote.

Police arrested Kirby at about 4:43 p.m., about 13 minutes after the call from the Sell-Rite store.

According to Maldonado’s report, Kirby “showed signs of being under the influence of narcotics.”

She also told Maldonado that she had money in her purse to pay for the items.

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