Juan Anthony Martinez-Moschella

Juan Anthony Martinez-Moschella

A Baker City man who police say is a suspect in multiple person crimes in the city is being held at the Baker County Jail on charges ranging from illegal weapon possession and drug crimes to first-degree burglary.

Juan Anthony Martinez-Moschella, 25, was arrested at 8:27 a.m. Tuesday after police received information he was in the area of the Baker Truck Corral on east Campbell Street.

“With this arrest, Martinez-Moschella’s crime spree has come to an end,” Police Chief Ray Duman stated in a press release.

Martinez-Moschella was the victim of an Oct. 7 shooting in which he was seriously injured by a man wielding a handgun. Martinez-Moschella was flown by Life Flight to a Boise hospital where he was treated and later released.

The Baker County Major Crime Team has identified a suspect in the shooting, but no arrest has been made. Duman says the person is known to have left the area.

Martinez-Moschella, who police describe as a transient, was arrested Tuesday on these charges:

• Three counts of felon in possession of a firearm, a Class C felony.

• Felon in possession of a short-barrel shotgun, a Class B felony.

• Pointing a firearm at another, an unclassified misdemeanor.

• First-degree burglary, a Class A felony.

•One count each of possessing and distributing methamphetamine, a Class C felony and a Class B felony respectively.

• Interfering with police, a Class A misdemeanor.

• Tampering with evidence, a Class A misdemeanor.

Duman stated that officers from the Baker County Sheriff’s Office, Baker County Parole and Probation and Oregon State Police have assisted the city with numerous investigations involving Martinez-Moschella.

“Finally it all came together,” Duman said Tuesday.

Police learned that Martinez-Moschella, who came to Baker City from Florida, had been seen near the Baker Truck Corral at 515 Campbell St.

When police attempted to arrest him, he entered a motor home parked in the area and attempted to hide a handgun and drug evidence without success.

Duman said the gun was identified as a .380 handgun taken in a theft from the Campbell Street home of Kristy Backlund, 44, sometime last month.

“He knew the jig was up,” Duman said. “He thought he could get away, but this time it didn’t happen.”

Duman said Martinez-Moschella has criminal records in Florida, Texas and Oregon.

“He’s been very active in this community,” Duman said. “He’s been a one-man menace.”

Duman said police have been thwarted in some regard because people have been afraid to report crimes that he’s committed.

“He’s often armed and people have been scared of him,” Duman said.

“Now that he’s in custody we’re hoping a lot of victims with information will come forward and help us with some of these other crimes,” he said.

Additional information will be presented to the Baker County District Attorney’s Office for consideration by a grand jury, he added.

More information regarding Martinez-Moschella and his crimes will be limited because of additional ongoing investigations, Duman said.

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