Two Baker City men have been sentenced to lengthy prison terms on separate convictions for sexually assaulting two girls younger than 12.

Allen James Bacon, 36, will serve 20 years in prison, and Miguel Angel Estudillo, 50, will serve 15 years in prison, District Attorney Greg Baxter said Tuesday.

Both were sentenced last week in Baker County Circuit Court after pleading to charges of attempting to commit first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy.

Bacon, who was indicted on the charges by a grand jury in September, pleaded guilty Jan. 27 to the Class B felonies.

Judge William D. Cramer Jr. of Burns accepted the sentence agreed to by both parties, according to court documents. Bacon was represented by Baker City attorney Robert Whitnah.

Cramer sentenced Bacon to 10 years in prison on each of the two counts, to be served consecutively. As part of the agreement, Bacon will receive credit for time served in the Baker County Jail since his September arrest and he will be eligible to earn good time toward early release from prison.

Estudillo was sentenced based on a plea of no contest on the charges of attempted first-degree sodomy and attempted first-degree rape. He was represented by Baker City attorney Kyra Rohner.

Union County Judge Erin Landis sentenced Estudillo on Jan. 30 to 10 years in prison on the attempted rape charge and five years in prison on the attempted sodomy charge, to run consecutively.

Estudillo also will receive credit for time served in the Baker County Jail since his arrest on Dec. 7, 2018, and he will be eligible to earn good time for early release while in prison, court documents stated.

Two other charges of first-degree sodomy and first-degree sexual abuse, and one other count of first-degree rape were dismissed as part of the agreement.

Estudillo was ordered to serve 10 years post-prison supervision upon release. Bacon was ordered to serve five years post-prison supervision upon release.

Both men also must complete sex offender treatment programs and register as sex offenders.

Estudillo was scheduled to go to trial Tuesday. Baxter said the defendant accepted the state’s offer to plead no contest and serve the 15-year prison term.

By pleading no contest, Estudillo is acknowledging that the state has enough evidence against him for a jury to find him guilty, Baxter said.

“I was fine rolling the dice and going to trial,” Baxter said.

But he was happy the victim didn’t have to take the stand to tell her story in front of a jury.

“If possible, I like to keep kids off the stand,” Baxter said.

By pleading guilty to the attempt charges rather than the actual sexual assault offenses, both men avoided possible convictions that would carry mandatory minimum sentences, but the state and their victims were satisfied with the lengthy prison terms both agreed to, Baxter said.

Under Jessica’s law, named after a child victim in Florida, crimes of rape, sodomy and unlawful sexual penetration each carry 25-year prison terms upon conviction for crimes involving victims younger than 12.

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