The first week of June has given thermostats in Baker City hardly a moment’s rest.

First, air-conditioners were toiling earlier than usual.

And now furnaces, scarcely having started their customary summer break, are back at work.

Just five days after an early heat wave broke one high-temperature record at the Baker City Airport and near snapped another, record-setting chill descended in the wake of a cold front that also brought snow showers to the mountains on Sunday, June 6.

The temperature slunk to 29 degrees Monday morning, June 7 at the airport.

That set a new record low for the date. The previous record was 32 degrees, set in 2012.

The record low happened less than five days after the thermometer at the airport reached 92 degrees on the afternoon of June 2, breaking the previous daily record of 90, set in 2007.

The heat persisted for the next two days.

The high temperature of 91 on June 3 was just one degree short of the daily record. And June 4’s peak of 83 degrees was 10 degrees above average for the date.

But a pair of cold fronts, one on Saturday, June 5 and one the next day, ushered in much cooler air.

Sunday’s low of 35 degrees was just two degrees above the daily record, set in 2012.

The cold fronts were mainly dry, bringing gusty northwest winds but few clouds.

Sunday’s front was accompanied by more clouds and a few brief rain showers in Baker Valley (a trace of rain was recorded at the airport).

But at Anthony Lakes, elevation 7,100 feet, a heavy snow squall fell Sunday afternoon. The snow didn’t stick, though, as the ground was still warm from the summery weather earlier in the week.

Neither mountain snow nor sub-freezing temperatures in Baker Valley are rare during June — especially the first half of the month that marks the transition from spring to summer.

The record low is below 32 degrees on 22 of June’s 30 days. A temperature as low as 29 has been recorded at the airport as late as June 30.

July is the only month with no record lows below 30 degrees. The coldest temperature recorded at the airport during July is 30 degrees, on July 2, 1955.

August’s all-time low is 27 degrees, set on Aug. 24, 1992.

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