A Baker City woman is accused of throwing broken glass at Baker City Police officers, kicking two of them, and assaulting a corrections deputy during her arrest on domestic assault charges Wednesday afternoon, June 9.

Valerie Jean Brinton, 53, was arrested and taken to the Baker County Jail.

She is charged with two counts of assaulting a public safety officer and one count of attempted assault of a public safety officer, two counts of reckless endangering, resisting arrest and fourth-degree assault (domestic).

The incident started about 4:25 p.m. when officers responded to a domestic assault call at 880 Elm St. No. 10, according to a press release from Police Chief Ray Duman.

Officers talked to Mark Brinton, Valerie Brinton’s husband, who had a bleeding cut on his head about the size of a quarter, according to a report written by Officer Mark Powell.

Mark Brinton’s head and clothing were soaked in motor oil, according to the report, which also notes that Mark Brinton is blind.

Mark Brinton told police his wife hit him several times with her hand and poured the oil on him.

When officers found Valerie Brinton in a travel trailer, she refused to come out. She then threw a piece of glass and “another object” at officers outside, according to Powell’s report.

Officers pulled Brinton from the trailer through the window, during which she kicked Detective Shannon Regan in the face.

Officers handcuffed Brinton. They did not deploy a Taser during the arrest, Duman said.

Before she was driven to the Baker County Jail, Brinton attempted to kick Detective Chris Sells in the groin, according to Powell’s report.

At the jail, Brinton continued to fight and resist, Powell wrote in his report, including grabbing and pinching deputy Brandon Mastrude.

None of the police officers needed medical treatment, Duman said.

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