The Baker County YMCA is looking for a interim director and a new CEO after Luke Gibson resigned Jan. 15, two weeks short of a year since he started in the job.

Lindy Petrik, YMCA board president, will work as a point person until an interim director can be appointed.

Petrik had served as the interim CEO for four months prior to Gibson taking the role.

She said that once the interim position has been filled, the YMCA will begin searching for a new CEO.

“Hopefully that person (the interim director) will be in place in the next few weeks,” Petrik said.

In a statement, the YMCA board of directors “thanks Luke for his work and leadership over the past year, and wishes him and his family the best in their future endeavors.”

Gibson could not be reached for comment in time for this story.

The YMCA board put together a transition committee whose members are looking at candidates for the interim position.

For the CEO position, they will consider individuals both in and outside of the Y organization, Petrik said.

“They don’t necessarily have to have been in the Y organization, although there are benefits to having that background,” she said.

Finding a CEO can take between four months to a year and a half, depending on the candidate pools, Petrik said.

“Definitely the board wants to make sure that we take our time and get the right fit for the Y in place and so that’s why we do have the interim that fills in that space so we don’t have that pressure to just get someone right away,” she said.

Leadership, working with community partners to build and strengthen their relationships, a positive influence, and help build the Y mission are some of the aspects they look for in a new CEO.

“But then also someone who has some background in the business side of things; the budget and (who) can run the fitness center. It’s multifaceted,” Petrik said.

The CEO oversees the directors of the Y departments, such as the sports director, preschool director, and health and wellness director.

The Y employs 60 people, many of whom are part-time workers.

“A lot of people don’t realize that we have that many staff,” Petrik said.

The CEO also runs the Y’s annual campaign to raise money for youth scholarships. The campaign runs from June through October and the organization raised around $50,000 last year.

Petrik said the Y awards around $70,000 in scholarships throughout the year to ensure kids have access to sports and other programs.

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