Police arrested a Baker City woman on charges of arson, burglary and reckless burning Friday morning.

Sara Camille Waldrop, 34, who police describe as a transient, was taken into custody about 8:55 a.m. Friday at Sixth and B streets.

Baker City Police Chief Ray Duman said Waldrop first entered a carport at the home of Laura Cole, 51, in the 2400 block of Seventh Street, and set fire to a backpack at the rear of the carport near the door leading to the house.

Waldrop next traveled to the area of Sixth and B streets where she lit a fire in grass on the property of Joy Barnhart, 88, in the 2600 block of Sixth Street.

Duman said Baker City Police Sgt. Wayne Chastain was off duty in the area when he heard 9-1-1 dispatch call officers to the first incident. When he arrived at the scene, Chastain recognized Waldrop as a transient in the community and arrested her, Duman said.

The grass fire at Barnhart’s home was put out by a neighbor using a garden hose. The Baker City Fire Department was called out and city, county and state officers also responded.

“That’s pretty concerning,” Duman said of Waldrop’s behavior. “That’s a huge community caretaking issue.”

Waldrop remains in custody at the Baker County Jail on charges of first-degree arson and first-degree burglary, both Class A felonies; second-degree arson, a Class C felon; and reckless burning, a Class A misdemeanor.

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