Lives matter.

How’s that for a new national slogan?

All lives.

Black lives. White lives. Police lives. Protester lives.

Human lives.

They all matter.

No distinctions needed, no dividing our species based on meaningless differences.

We will not solve our nation’s problems if we fail to not merely acknowledge this idea but to embrace it with the greatest enthusiasm we can muster.

We must do more than that, of course.

We must investigate, with thoroughness and impartiality, the police shootings that precipitated the protest in Dallas during which five of that city’s officers were killed.

But when police officers commit crimes we must let the justice system deal with them.

For some people, we understand, this is not enough.

That system, they say, is rigged.

Perhaps it is in some cases.

But these occasional failures can’t be remedied by murder.

Society doesn’t advance through the killing of innocents.

It devolves.

Martin Luther King Jr. succeeded not by engaging in violence but by consistently avoiding it, even when he and his fellow civil rights crusaders were threatened or harmed.

America would do well to emulate their example.