If it’s OK for Israel, what about Native Americans?

God granted Israel to the Jews “forever.” So, Trump is right, Israel’s capital should be in Jerusalem. After all, “The land granting is referenced over 160 times in the Bible, so there is a plethora of evidence.”

That’s according to the writer of a letter to the Baker City Herald (Dec. 27).

But the writer omits from that “plethora of evidence” any legal analysis of the Old Testament as a land-granting contract valid in present-day Middle East.

Using the same rational, it seems to me, the native tribes, who occupied the whole Western Hemisphere for over 15,000 years, should be in control of today’s geo-political decisions. Perhaps present-day U.S. Indians would want the capital of the United States placed in Kansas, where the buffalo roamed in abundance until this country’s European emigrants slaughtered them by the millions.

Now that I think about it, perhaps it makes political sense to move our capitol far away from Washington, D.C. (the so-called “swamp”), where money (Wall Street, corporations, lobbying, etc.) control our country’s destiny.

Before closing, I want to praise Gretchen Stadler’s letter to the editor in the same edition of the Herald. She promotes more compassion in this country, the wealthiest in the world.

Gary Dielman

Baker City