Constant taxation is tiring: Vote No on Measure 101

There are numerous reasons I could list for casting a No vote on Salem’s latest attempt to tax us with Measure 101. But rather than telling you what you already know, let’s defeat this measure for that very reason. Every single time government gets in a bind, they tax us more. Instead of being responsible by spending less and cutting out the fat in bureaucracies, our politicians sell We the People out for backroom deals. They claim they have to raise taxes to “get things done.” Or they’ll say, “it’s not a tax, it’s an assessment!”

They’ll hide behind righteous fronts like “healthcare for the poor.” Yet they force us to pay for the most insanely high healthcare vendors and suppliers (lobbyists) in the world. After all, when government can force us at gunpoint to finance a healthcare industry that morphs private interests into public policy, then we’re not supporting government, we’re supporting a racket.

I’m still trying to adjust my family budget to account for the transportation tax they just sold us down the river for. Remember, Kate Brown and Cliff Bentz work for us. What employer would promote employee incompetence with a promotion and a pay raise?

Government shouldn’t be a business-for-profit. It should be the protector of our rights.

Constant taxation is getting tiresome. Vote no on Measure 101. On general principle.

Jake Brown