Applauding Commissioner Bruce Nichols’ independence

In a letter to the editor of the Baker City Herald (Jan . 26), Baker County Clerk Cindy Carpenter disagreed with an editorial in the BCH showing support for Baker County Commissioner Bruce Nichols making inquiries about Baker County’s participation in the tri-county weed control program. The BCH editorial ended with this comment, “He’s doing his job.” Carpenter wrote that the editorial “ended in a bad note.”

Without naming Nichols, Carpenter demeaningly referred to him as “High Ho Commissioner,” because he made independent inquiries, which she considers outside his “established job description.” I assume she feels Nichols encroached on Baker County Commissioner Bill Harvey’s turf as the Commission’s liaison to the county’s weed program.

Carpenter is certainly entitled to express her opinion about County Commission affairs. But, as the official elected to conduct the affairs of the County Clerk’s Office, it appears to me that she is doing what she accuses Nichols of doing, i.e., encroaching on turf that is not her responsibility.

Nichols was elected to use his best judgment in voting on motions before the commission. He should not be limited to getting information filtered through Harvey. I applaud his independence.

Gary Dielman